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Welcome to the Law Office of James Jeffrey Jackson. We are here to help you find solutions for your financial future. We understand the burdensome feelings that overwhelming debt can create and the stress you may be experiencing. For most people, asking for help is painful. Asking for financial help is excruciating. Your financial health is very important for you and your family. Take comfort in knowing that you are making the right decision by seeking advice. We are here to help you find solutions, obtain relief, and improve your financial situation.

I understand that choosing an attorney can be a difficult process. A benefit of hiring the Law Offices of James Jeffrey Jackson is that you will be working directly with an attorney throughout the duration of your case. This apparently is not true with all law firms. I found this out firsthand one day at the Bankruptcy Court.

I was in the lobby of the Bankruptcy Court waiting for my client to arrive; he had taken a wrong turn and was running late. Another attorney was on the phone trying to contact his client who had failed to appear. After the other attorney finished leaving a message for his client, he and I started talking about the issue and how infrequently this happens. A gentleman who was also sitting in the lobby overheard our conversation and spoke up to inform us that his attorney had not shown up. He then added that he had not even met his attorney nor did he know what his attorney looked like. He had only dealt with his attorney’s staff. He had the phone number of his attorney so I called to inform his attorney of the situation. They realized the oversight and quickly dispatched an attorney to the Court.

I felt sorry for the gentleman who had never met his attorney. He was dealing with a stressful situation. He had paid good money for the services of an attorney that he had never met and did not know what his attorney looked like. He was now at the Courthouse for a hearing and his attorney had not shown up. How would you feel? Would you feel you were getting much value?

When you hire the Law Office of James Jeffrey Jackson, you are hiring the services of our attorneys. You will talk to us on the phone. You will meet us face to face a number of times before your hearing in court. And you will know what we look like when we meet you at the Bankruptcy Court.

Please note, although I do my best to be present with you at hearings, occasionally a conflict arises.  When this happens I contact other attorneys who I know and trust to cover the hearing for me.  I notify my clients of the conflict and the name of the attorney who will be covering the hearing for me.  I have had one client who was unhappy about the need to have another attorney be present at the hearing.  He made me aware of how uncomfortable this situation may be.  This is not a common occurence, but please be advised that there may be times when I have a conflict that requires me to arrange for another attorney to be present with you at a hearing.

Please feel free to contact me at (740) 369-6812.


James Jeffrey Jackson