The following is a list of documents required to assist you with your financial needs.  Please be as accurate and complete as possible.


  1. Obtain your free “Trans-Union” credit report at  Please request the “Trans-Union” report as it contains full account numbers.  Do not use another site.  Do not order any other report, unless you are unable to convince “Trans-Union” to download or mail the report to you.  You will need a valid email address to download the “Trans-Union” report.  You are entitled to 1 free report from each of the three credit reporting agencies.  If you download all three at once, you will not be able to obtain another free report for one year.  NOTE: This is not a complete list of your debts as few medical bills or tax claims are listed at the credit bureaus.


  1. Copies of Your Federal, State, and Local Tax returns for the past three calendar years, including W-2 and 1099 information.  I need completed returns that were actually filed.  If you cannot locate these returns then you must obtain transcripts from the IRS and the Ohio Department of Taxation.  This is a rather quick process.


  1. Precise household income information for the past full six calendar months.  This is every paycheck stub or computer print-out from your employer.  This also includes Social Security and Disability Statements.  If you have self-employment income, I need a monthly profit and loss statement covering the same period.  If you are married but filing singly, I still need your spouse’s information.


  1. Copies of All Life Insurance Policies.  Please provide the policies and recent statements showing cash value and beneficiary designation.


  1. Pension Plans and 401(k) Plans.  I need copies of your Last Statement and the Summary Plan Description and Determination Letter.  Your personnel or human resources office should know what the Summary Plan Description is.


  1. Copies of All Current Recorded Deeds and Mortgages.  The copies you received at closing are not recorded copies.  You will need to visit the County Recorder or download them from the internet.  Counties such as Delaware, Franklin, and Union can be found on the internet.


  1. Insurance binders covering all homeowners policies, leased cars, and secured vehicle loans showing the lessor or lender as the loss payee.  Have your insurance agent FAX these to my office.


  1. Copies of Divorce Decrees and Separation Agreements.


  1. Copies of any Recent Real Estate Appraisals.  A recent real estate appraisal is one completed within the past six months.


  1. All Vehicle Titles.  These will be either Brown or White.


  1. Copies of all Security Agreements (Loans) spelling out what collateral you have pledged on personal loans.  This involves finance companies and banks primarily.


  1. Law Suit Papers.  Please provide the Summons and Complaint with Exhibits.