Links and Resources

Here you will find links to resources for Consumer Debt, Bankruptcy, Local Courts, Employment, Credit Counseling, and Basic Needs.

Consumer Debt Resources Steve Rhode has a superb site where people can ask questions and find answers.  There is a tremendous amount of quality information on his site.

Dave Ramsey is a nationally recognized speaker on getting out of debt.  His methods are not for the faint of heart, but if you listen to him you will find something that will help improve your financial future.

Damon Day Damon Day and Associates helps people find alternatives to traditional debt settlement.

Bankruptcy Information

United States Bankruptcy Court

Southern District of Ohio

Frank M. Pees, Chapter 13 Trustee

Jeffrey P. Norman, Chapter 13 Trustee

Northern District of Ohio

Local Court Information

Supreme Court of Ohio

Delaware County Common Pleas Court

Delaware Municipal Court

Franklin County Common Pleas Court

Franklin County Municipal Court

Credit Counseling

Access Counseling, Inc. provides pre-bankruptcy credit counseling.

Dave Ramsey’s Debtor Education provides post-bankruptcy debtor education/financial management.  This is a super video course that provides a tremendous amount of valuable information in an entertaining format.  Dave Ramsey is serious about helping others and his presentation is quite enjoyable.

Employment Resources

Scioto Ridge Job Networking Group is one of the best and least expensive job networking groups in Central Ohio.  Everyone there is committed to helping people network and find job opportunities.  You will not be disappointed.  You will have access to career coaches, resume writers, recruiters, and human resources representatives from local businesses.

Delaware Area Career Center is a local organization devoted to helping people with education needs and finding job opportunities.

The following are online job search companies that alert you to relevant job opportunities.




Basic Needs

Delaware County Job and Family Services

People in Need


Save the Dream