No Surprises at 341 Hearing

We would like to highly recommend the services of Jeff Jackson.  His is without a doubt on of the finest attorneys in his field.  His is a gentleman who cares about his clients and makes sure that there are no surprises.  His representation at the hearing was absolutely outstanding.


  1. amber seitz says:

    Mr. Jackson, your services far exceed any a client could ask for! From the very first time I stepped into your office you were very professional and were very through about how the entire process went, from a to z. Any time I needed to talk you, you were quick to respond, and if there was a hickup, something I forgot, etc. You made it as though it was nothing you haven’t dealt with before (even my high anxiety levels and panic). And even after the process was complete, you made sure that everything that was supposed to happen after the hearing happened! Now, at a little less than a year, my credit score has improved tremendously! I no longer feel the burden and shame of all my creditors harassing me and my debt and conscience are clear. I highly recommend Mr. Jackson for anyone who is experiencing the pain of the financial squeeze. He will not disappoint you! If you want an attorney who is non judgmental, makes you feel like you are the only client who’s case is important when you walk through that door, does not go back on their word, than look no further! All that and more found here with Mr. Jackson!

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