Tired of Harassing Collection Calls

Harassing collection calls place a tremendous amount of stress on you and your family.  How the collections are handled vary greatly depending on who is collecting.  On one end you have the original creditor trying to collect and on the opposite end you have the third party collectors or debt buyers.  And likewise the collection methods change depending on who is collecting.

Most original creditors have some decency and professionally conduct their collection activities.  They will send you letters notifying you that your payments are late.  They may call you later to see if any kind of arrangements can be made.  If the account has been delinquent for some time, they usually send you a final notice that your account is being turned over to collections and that they may take legal action.

Collection companies who work for the original creditors are also generally professional.  They will typically send a letter notifying you that your account has been turned over to them for collections.  The letter will generally inform you that the account is overdue and inform you of the amount due and the methods to pay the account.  If this is unsuccessful they will generally send out additional letters and possibly contact you by phone to try and arrange payment.  They may even offer to settle the account for less than full value.  And if no payments are made, they or the original creditor may initiate legal action.

Many times the debt obligation is sold to third party collectors either before or after legal action.  When this happens, prepare yourself for harassing collection calls.  At this point, the professional conduct of the collection company can vary significantly.  Some third party debt buyers and their collection companies are very professional and follow the same type of conduct describe above, yes they may sue you but they generally don’t cause your phone to ring nonstop.  On the other hand, there are collection companies that are relentless and ruthless.  Harassing collection calls are used to try to scare and coerce you into paying them something.  They will call repeatedly.  The will tag team you with an investigator and a collection agent.  They will call your work.  They will call your relatives.  They will threaten to serve you with a summons and that the sheriff is on his way if you don’t agree to pay them now.  And believe it or not, some have threatened that they will sue you for fraud and that you are going to go to jail.

How do you stop harassing collection calls?  You have a couple options.  First of all you can pay the account.  Secondly, if it is a third party collector whose conduct is abusive, you can hire an attorney and bring a lawsuit against them for violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, but this will likely cost you more money and take many months to resolve.  And thirdly, you can file bankruptcy, which gives you Federal Court protection under the Bankruptcy Code.

If you are receiving abusive, relentless harassing collection calls, please call me to find out if bankruptcy is an option for you.