Will Filing Bankruptcy Affect Your Credit Score?

Will filing bankruptcy affect your credit score?  Yes, but chances are that your credit score is already declining or will be shortly if you are considering filing bankruptcy.  Every missed payment decreases your credit score.  Enlisting in a debt settlement or debt management program has a negative impact on your credit score.  And yes filing bankruptcy will have a negative impact on your credit score.

Will filing bankruptcy affect your credit score forever?  That all depends on what you do following bankruptcy.  Your credit worthiness, which is what your credit score is supposed to reflect, will improve to some degree because you will have discharged a significant amount of debt.  Your debt to income ratio will improve after filing bankruptcy.  Your actions following bankruptcy will determine how soon your credit score recovers.

Keep in mind that it is primarily the creditors that you obtain loans from or have a charge account with that normally report to the credit bureaus.  Making timely payments on existing loans that you have reaffirmed, like car loans, will help to improve your credit score.  Obtaining new credit, within reason and that is manageable, and paying off the balances on time will improve your credit score.  There is no magic formula for how soon or when your credit score rebounds because it all depends upon what you do personally with your financial life after you have filed bankruptcy.

History is an important part of how your credit score is determined.  Establishing good financial practices over time will improve your credit score.  Establishing a savings plan to pay for unexpected expenses or to purchase something that is needed will help you avoid the tendency to rely credit.  Learning from past mistakes and avoiding the temptation to rely on credit to make ends meet will serve you well in the future and help you improve your credit score.  Will filing bankruptcy affect your credit score – Yes, but in the long run the affects may be positive.